blinc is a cooperative working in the field of innovation and sustainable human and societal development.

It focuses on the promotion of human learning processes in organisations, businesses and all educational sectors (Adult, Higher and Vocational Education, Youth and School Education) with a focus on learning and competence development which happens outside the frames of formal education and curricula.

The blinc community has developed a unique approach to promote these rather informal learning processes. It is based on a taxonomic system (LEVEL5) which supports Competence Oriented Learning and comes with a fully-fledged (digitally supported) validation system.

Our system enables us to identify, assess, document and certify the developments of competences that are acquired in all kinds of learning environments, be it in formal, non-formal or informal settings for personal and professional learning.

Based on the LEVEL5 system and its instruments we provide counselling, training, validation and evaluation services for enterprises, NGOs and public institutions and their professionals.

Our team members have applied our approach in diverse societal and economic sectors and contribute with profound expertise in

  • the European social and health sector,
  • Environment and climate mitigation and adaptation,
  • Sustainable development and circular economy,
  • Information technology and digital literacy and learning
  • Entrepreneurship and international business development,
  • Migration, interculturality and human rights,
  • Cultural and transcultural development
  • Educational science.

We have been working all over Europe and deploy – additional to face-to-face and project collaboration formats – state of the art digital resources such as online learning suites, conference and innovation workshop facilities and digital collaboration tools.

As European cooperative for innovative project development and management we look back to successful and highly attractive collaborations with partners from nearly 30 countries in more than 50 European funded projects leveraging more than 15 Mio Euros.

Curious? Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in

  • Support for innovation and professional development
  • State of the art online learning, communication and collaboration
  • European projects and collaborations