Tim Scholze - Project developer & manager on national, European and international level with a focus on Competence Oriented Learning and Validation and Sustainable Development
Sabine Wiemann - Project manager & developer in national and European projects with expertise in sustainable development, media literacy, diversity, social, cultural and intercultural issues
Leena Ferogh - Manager of Intercultural Learning projects, financing specialist of our European Projects
Dimitar Zlatanov - Management of EU projects
Sarah Wild - Project manager with a focus on informal learning projects in enterprises and capacity building projects in the field of regional development.
Vianne Law - Project assistance in EU projects in the cultural sector.
Olga Mineva - Project manager and expert in projects with vulnerable target groups, HR projects and informal learning projects in enterprises
Sebastian Schwäbe - Project Manager with focus on CSR and corporate sustainable development projects
Linda Siebert - Project assistance in EU projects in the cultural sector.
David Pohl - Web-application-developer for websites, PWAs (Progressive Web Apps), themes / design and plugins for learning software and project websites, IT administration operations
Jens-Michael Lohse - Software developer (LEVEL5, Apps and Plugins for Moodle, Mahara and WordPress) and support, expertise in different European & national projects on data and digital literacy
Alexandra Meier - Project Assistance, HR and Accounting
Garrett Hubing - Project Assistance in projects related to Integration and Language Acquisition
Sara Wiemann - Project assistance and design expert for websites, multimedia applications (photo, video, design) and layout
Bernhard Schäfer - Expert on circular economy projects with long- term experiences on municipal waste and waste-water technology management