As European cooperative for innovative project development and management we look back to successful and highly attractive collaborations with partners from nearly 30 countries in more than 50 European funded projects leveraging more than 20 Mio Euros for Development, Practice Research and Innovation in Europe.

We create projects according to our philosophy and values for holistic, circular and sustainable development. We develop them either as project lead partner with all management responsibilities or as future project partner who intends to contribute and benefit from the new ventures in European teams.

Hence if you like our approaches and join projects with us relating to:

  • Competence oriented learning and validation in innovative
  • Community based capacity building
  • Sustainable development
  • Circular economy
  • Entrepreneurship education and Design Thinking
  • Innovation management
  • European Collaboration

Just drop us a line. Have a look at our reference list to learn more about our projects since 2005.

Reference List

Since 2005 we have developed, managed and participated in more than 50 European projects in different domains:

  • Education (Socrates, LLP, ERASMUS+ (KA1 and KA2 programmes) for Adult, Vocational and Higher Education, Youth and School education and Business/Academia
  • Research and Development (EIT, H2020)
  • Blended learning and technology supported collaboration (e-Learning, LLP, ERASMUS+)
  • Sustainable regional and interregional development (LIFE+, INTERREG, AMIF)