blinc will have three major areas of activities:

1. European Networking for Blended Learning Institutions

blinc actively supports and disseminates blended learning educational projects and realises a European cooperation pool. There is to be an exchange of experience regarding projects dealing with blended learning, an exchange of specific offers, products and services on a regional and transnational level. All partners actively contribute to the development and consolidation of a cooperative network and agree to gain new partners for the network and the cooperative in order to allow the widest dissemination of a European knowledge transfer.

2. Combination of professional and scientific approaches

In blinc the pedagogic research directly works together with other educational stakeholders from the field and thus overcomes the gap between science and professional practice. Thus blended learning projects and training courses can professionally be evaluated and authors and decision makers can be consulted regarding “new” methods and educational services.

3. Web-based Infrastructure and Virtual Market Place

blinc offers a complete web-based infrastructure to its partners. This enables the partners to:

  • Communicate with other partners of the cooperative
  • Integrate new partners, to consult them via eCoaching and to exchange know-how
  • To offer learning products and services (courses, media, material, concepts, counselling etc.) via an specific showroom-concept and in a blinc-shop
  • Offer new web-based services like eCoaching
  • Offer educational services via the cooperative LMS