Mission of blinc

The aim of the cooperative is to establish a sustainable organisation that facilitates the production and the access to web-based learning content and to improve learning processes and didactic practice in Europe.

In the blinc framework useful blended learning tools, instruments and guidelines will be developed, tested and disseminated.

By cooperation of research and projects in the field blinc shall bridge the gap between science and practice.

In the framework of blinc blended Learning projects and products will be evaluated by experts; best proven practice examples will be presented to the public and recommendations and a European brand for good didactic practice in blended learning will be conceptualized and developed.

Blended learning products and services, such as courses, contents, media, evaluation, consulting and localisation of contents will be exchanged, disseminated and valorised on the European level.

European collaborations between partner organisations will actively be supported to enlarge and stabilize the partners’ network and to foster inter-European cooperation in Blended Learning.