The services for personal, professional and organisational development, teaching, learning and validation are based on the LEVEL5 system, the approach of Competence oriented Learning and Validation (COL&V) and a more mathetical view on learning processes.

The extended scientific concept can be downloaded -> here (die Publication). For interested educational staff from all sectors or human research experts we provide a specific professionalisation programme for this methodology within our REVEAL network.

In the following you find a brief introduction on how we apply the approach in practice and operationalise it in a simplified Plan-Do Check procedure.

Our concrete courses and offers comprise personal, professional and organisational development programmes that have been offered in 2019/2020. They reflect our current state of activities. Other less recent courses and CPDs are attached under “others” and linked to the respective courses and projects.

If you feel that the one or other programme is attractive for you as individual, staff member, human resource manager or key personal of an enterprise or an educational institution, don’t hesitate to contact us.